Monday, March 16, 2015

PowerShell ISE Cut (Ctrl + X)

Hello reader, 

I know its been a while since I posted anything but things have been a little dull and haven't had anything worth posting. Today was a bit different though, I encountered a quirky bug, and thought I could share it.  

It all happened this morning while I was working on a script and I tried to cut a line of the script and noticed that cut was not working. I thought that was weird, so I restarted PowerShell ISE hoping it just crapped out but without any success. I tried right clicking and selecting the Cut option but this also failed. I pulled up my handy dandy Google and found the following Microsoft Connect bug report: 

I saw one of the comments by 'Scott - Oregon' in which he stated that VNC Viewer was causing the issue and closing it would resolve the problem. I don't use VNC Viewer, but I did remember earlier while working with mRemoteNG that I accidentally clicked to remote into a server with VNC instead of RDP, so I closed mRemoteNG and voila it started working. 

I made sure to sign up and drop a comment on the Microsoft Connect post as it is still an active post. 

I hope this might help someone out there!

Kind regards,