Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Web Platform

So for the past few weeks I have put on my learning hat and been learning the ways of the website development. This of course was no easy task, but after many headbangs against my desk I feel like I'm finally making some progress. I was finally able to create a Master page using VS Express 2013 for Web. I got a HTML5/CSS3 Template going, and I believe I can finally start creating pages, backed by C#. 

This is all still a huge learning curve but I gotta say I feel more confident now. So far the resources that I've used to learn this is training on cbtnuggets, I've also used this link here to get a better understanding of CSS http://learnlayout.com/position.html. 

So far what I been learning is very well documenting so I haven't really posted anything, but once I start dabbling into deeper issues I'll try to post some cool stuff.