Saturday, February 6, 2016

Windows 10 Disabled services

Hello everyone!

My sister in law brought me her computer to be fixed last night as her WiFi was not working. Upon inspection I quickly noticed that her audio was also not working. I started the built in troubleshooter in hopes that Windows might be able to quickly fix it, but it returned an error stating that the Troubleshooting service was disabled ( I can't remember the exact name ) I moved to check out the EventLog to see if any error logs had been raised and I was greeted with a nice little error stating that the EventLog service was disabled. At this time I decided it was time to look at the services and find out what was going on. 

I opened the service manager and to my surprise everything, with just a very few exceptions, was disabled, not stopped or paused, but disabled. Well no wonder nothing was working right? So I asked her what changes had been made to her computer, and she told me that one of her neighbors had used it to install AVG because she told him she didn't have an Antivirus. 

I've never seen AVG, as crappy as it might have become now, do that. I went ahead and uninstalled it in hopes that this might resolve the issue. Unfortunately it did not. I looked around and I wasn't able to find a solution on this from Google, and wasn't able to find a one click solution either. 

I was able to find a list of all of the main Windows 10 services but nothing that I could use to quickly export and import, so I exported all of the services from my Windows 10 computer by using the following PowerShell command:  

   Get-Service | select Name, StartType | Export-Csv C:\temp\services.csv -nottypeinformation

Then moved the file to her computer using a thumb drive and "imported" it using:

   Import-CSV C:\users\UserProfile\Desktop\services.csv | %{Set-Service -Name $_.Name -StartupType $_.StartType } 

I rebooted her computer and now most of the services were then back working as they should have. I did have to turn on a few more manually but over all it was functional again. The only thing not working still was her WiFi, but I reinstalled her driver and that fixed that issue.

Well I hope that this might help someone having this issue out there. Also if someone has a fresh Windows 10 install and would like to provide a CSV file with their services ( My import returned quite a few errors because I had services that her computer did not have ) then I can upload it here. 

Kind regards,